What is colostrum?
  the benefits of taking colostrum

Colostrum is the most powerful immune regulator on the planet.

If your immune system functions well, your body will heal itself from virtually any desease.

(Dr. Daniel Bork)


What is Colostrum?

Dr Anthony Kleinsmith, Colostrum Formulator
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Colostrum is an all-natural substance that is rapidly becoming a popular health supplement for those of all ages.

As is the growing trend in health care, supplements such as colostrum are the frontline in treating and preventing illness.

Colostrum has a modulating effect on the immune system including the stimulating of your cell population.



Colostrum is provided by all mammals to their young in the first few days of life. Only Colostrum contains antibodies.
It is nature’s one choice to support your immune system.

what is colostrum

Why do we need Colostrum?

Due to the years of fighting off diseases, your immune system can become compromised and less able to protect you from unwanted invaders. By taking a daily dose of pure colostrum you’re are helping to reset and arm your immune system - much like the defragging of your computer.

It is therefore critically important that the colostrum you drink must be 1st milking, high peptide, pure colostrum. Remember, it is the high peptide content that helps support your immune function.

 “Colostrum is so safe; it has been prepared by nature as the ‘first food’ for infants. It would be hard to imagine any nutritional substance more natural or beneficial.”

(International Institute of Nutritional Research)

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is often referred to as “first milk”. It is the first milk produced by all mammals (including humans) before the breast milk becomes available and is usually only present for up to 2 weeks after birth. Colostrum is incredibly dense with nutrition. It is high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies while also being low in fat. Colostrum doesn’t look like normal breast milk, as it is generally thick and yellowy or even orange in color. 

Colostrum is not species specific and is the same in every mammal. Therefore it can provide benefits to any mammal including humans. Humans cannot produce enough colostrum for commercial production so cows’ (bovine) colostrum is used. As cows produce on average 35 litres of colostrum per calf there is ample to nourish the calf as well as leaving sufficient for commercial collection. It is very important that the colostrum is collected within a small time frame of 16 hours after birth.

First milking, 16 hour pure colostrum, produces the highest peptide content and it is the high peptide content that helps to modulate the immune function so important in fighting disease and staying healthy.

Why you should take colostrum every day

  • If you wish to have a healthy body then there is no better or more natural supplement for you than colostrum.
  • Colostrum is the best natural source of antibodies to destroy and/or neutralise the pathogens that cause illness.
  • Colostrum contains the best natural source of growth factors to heal and protect the gut wall.
  • Colostrum is a natural source of other valuable immune factors.
  • Colostrum contains a multitude of bioactive compounds that work synergistically to boost your immune system and give greater health. BACK 

Colostrum and Ageing

Aging can slow you down, affect health, appearance and ultimately, quality of life.

The aging process is linked to rapidly declining levels of hormones, especially Growth Hormone (GH). Production of GH in our bodies begins to decline from puberty onwards. By the time the body reaches the age of 61, the levels of GH are only 20% of the level they were at age 21. The majority of people are beginning to exhibit signs of aging by their forties.

Colostrum appears to work similarly to GH without the known, unsafe side effects. The biologically active growth factors in bovine colostrum are able to assist with protection against disease and the following processes.

  • Stimulation of cellular and tissue growth
  • Repair and reversal of the damage done by disease and the natural aging process
  • Increased metabolism
  • Stimulation of protein synthesis - critical for the renewal of skin and bones

The regenerative effects of colostrum can extend to nearly all of the structural cells in the body making it invaluable as an aid in the quest of prevention of premature aging.

What is Colostrum? This naturally produced food can now be purchased as a health supplement.

what is colostrum


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